WordPress Website Care Plans

Who better to maintain your website than the team that built it?

We know the backend of your website like the back of our hand. And we understand maintaining a website can be cumbersome and a real PITA, especially when you are busy trying to run your own business. Websites are expected to run themselves but, like cars, regular maintenance is required for them to run smoothly. We’ve been developing and maintaining WordPress sites for over 10 years and know all the ins and outs. Put your WordPress site in good hands and focus on what you do best.

– Why should you have to choose to include security scans or not?

We don’t expect you to know what features you should need next month so we’ve included all features for all plans so there is no worry about potentially making a damning decision to save a few bucks. Choose your website care plan only by the size of your website (more pages means more to maintain) and rest assured that we’ve got it covered.


We offer three packages based on the size of your website.

Care Plan Features

All of our packages include these features:

Unlimited Edits

Yes, really. We are very specific about what we mean by edit but we do mean it. What’s a website care plan if we don’t help you maintain your website and it’s content. Need to update your hours? Send it our way and we’ll be happy to take care of that for you. Learn more about what’s included and what’s not included >

Offsite Backups

Unless your site is backed up regularly, there’s nothing you can do should something go wrong. We ensure your website’s database, files, and images are stored offsite, safe in the cloud. We can roll back to the most recent previous state at any time. 

Weekly WordPress core, themes, and plugins updates

An outdated CMS is vulnerable to be hacked. We make sure your WordPress site is always up to date. And we always manually inspect to ensure no errors. Your WordPress core files, themes and plugins are updated weekly to keep you protected. In addition, we install security patches within one business day.

Security Scan & Clean Up

Malware can be embedded on your site for months without you even noticing. We are proactive and regularly check for malware and clean it up as soon as detected.

Uptime Monitoring

A down website means you could be losing customers. We monitor your site with a check every 60 seconds. We are instantly notified if it goes down. If we can’t get it back up, we’ll notify you. We keep track of your uptime percentage and response delay to make sure you are being served well by your web host.

SEO & Performance Monitoring

A slow website can hurt your business a lot. We keep track of your site to ensure peak performance and optimization for search engines.

Database Maintenance

Regular database maintenance helps your site’s performance and increases the longevity.

Plugin Vulnerability Scanning

We keep up with the latest threats and monitor your website for possible issues. We’ll fix any problems before they affect your site.

Analytics reporting

An at a glance report of your site’s analytics is included in your monthly report.

Monthly report

The first of every month you will receive a detailed report documenting your site’s uptime, updates performed, backup status, security status, performance analysis, traffic analytics, and SEO ranking data.

Frequently Asked Questions



Do you offer 24/7 support?

At this time, no we do not. Our support hours are 8 AM – 5 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. Excluding federal holidays and personal vacation days.

What are your usual response time and resolution time?

We will let you know within a couple of hours that we’ve received your request and are scheduling in the work. The majority of single-request tickets are solved within 2 business days. Occasionally it may take a bit longer for a long list of edits. We will always let you know when your request will be completed and when it is complete.

Do you offer phone support?

We’ve set up our plans to stay lean and allow us to focus on our active projects. It makes more sense to handle all our support through email and live chat. Sometimes it does make more sense to hop on a call and use our voice boxes to get to the bottom of an issue.


Do you really mean unlimited edits?
Yes, we really mean unlimited! And no, we aren’t crazy. We didn’t want to limit to hours because how can we expect you to know how many hours a task takes. We have defined our guidelines about what qualifies as an edit and what does not so please read those and reach out if you have a question.
What if I require larger work done?
If you have a specific project or job that is larger in scope we are happy to provide a custom quote – just send us an email!
So I never have to touch my site again?

Wrong! A website is never done. It should be evolving, just as your business grows. However, our care plans allow you to focus your time and energy on creating content instead of learning new tech lingo and worrying about hitting the wrong button.


Does the care plan include hosting?

No, and here’s why… we believe your website should be yours to own and we don’t want to be the middleman between you and a host. We have a preferred vendor we are happy to recommend if you are looking for a host with great support, performance and uptime.

Do you support multisite?

Yes, we support WordPress multisite. Each site in the installation counts as a separate site. Contact us for a custom quote.

Will you maintain an existing website?

Possibly. We typically only offer care plans to our existing customers but we can maintain existing sites as well. We ask to perform a site audit to see what shape the site is in before agreeing to maintain it.

What if I have multiple websites?

The care plan is per website. We are happy to craft a custom plan for you with a bulk discount, just shoot us an email.

 & Updates

What backup schedules do you offer?

We can tailor your care plan to offer the perfect backup schedule for your website. If you make multiple updates throughout the day then a 6 hour schedule is right for you. Operate an online store and need real-time backups? Rest easy knowing your data is backed up every hour. Our Level 1 plan includes monthly backups. Level 2 includes weekly backups. While our Level 3 plan features daily backups. Upgrade your backup plan to 12 hour, 6 hour or real-time hourly backups for additional fees.

Where do you store the backups? How long are they kept?

All website backups are securely stored in the cloud using Amazon S3 infrastructure. Backups are kept for 90 days.

How often should I backup my website?

Monthly: Perfect for small websites with few regular updates.

Weekly: Low-traffic websites.

Daily: Websites with comments or with content updates at least once a week.

12 hours: Sensitive websites with daily content changes.

6 hours: Websites with multiple changes throughout the day.

1 hour: eCommerce sites and Websites with hourly content updates

What if an update breaks my site?

The site is immediately rolled-back to the backup state taken prior to performing the update. From there, you’ll be notified of the issue. The majority of issues are addressed free of cost because we plan for one hour of troubleshooting and repair per month. However, custom plugins, issues introduced by users, or especially time-consuming issues may be billable. We will notify you to discuss options before charging anything to your account.

Will my site go down during updates?

The site is immediately rolled-back to the backup state taken prior to performing the update. From there, you’ll be notified of the issue. The majority of issues are addressed free of cost because we plan for one hour of troubleshooting and repair per month. However, custom plugins, issues introduced by users, or especially time-consuming issues may be billable. We will notify you to discuss options before charging anything to your account.


What are my payment options?

Payment can be made using any major debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover). Payments will be automatically deducted on the first of the month.

What is your cancellation policy?

No contracts here. Pay-as-you-go and cancel anytime. And no awkward sales pitch to keep you, we promise.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If at any time you feel like you haven’t received the service you signed up for, you will get your money back. The money-back guarantee only applies to the previous 30 days. We do not offer refunds beyond 30 days.

The fine print

  • Pricing for our care plans does not include hosting. Read our blog post explaining why.
  • One hour of troubleshooting and repair per month.
  • Request to restore to a previous state of backup limited to once per month.
  • Monthly prices are subject to change at any time.
  • If you cancel your monthly care plan, you will be responsible for maintaining your own backups, updating WordPress, etc… We will not be responsible for any future issues and are not obligated to fix anything.